2018 Steel Horse Rally

Steel Horse Rally

There’s been a lot of talk about the Old Fort Days Rodeo as of late, but you aren’t much of a horse person. Well, at least not in the traditional sense. You prefer a steel horse, and you’re in luck. The 4th Annual Steel Horse Rally is about to roar into town. It’ll be in Fort Smith on May 4–5, and it will include so many events that it just might put Old Fort Days to shame. This is the perfect event for motorcycle lovers, so get the details.

The Motorcycle Parade

Every good event gets started with a parade, and the Steel Horse Rally is no exception. Thousands of motorcycles typically participate in this exciting parade. Anyone with a motorcycle can enter, so you’ll see all kinds of bikes. Find a spot along the parade route and bring a sign if you want to cheer the riders on. Oh, and don’t forget your camera. It’s impressive to see all those motorcycles on the road. There will be bikes farther than your eyes can see.

Now, if you don’t want to be a bystander, join in. Nothing beats participating in the parade.

The All New Steel Horse Rally Shootout

Think you’ve seen it all? Not quite. This year will be the first time for the Steel Horse Rally Shootout. It’ll be at the Tri-State Speedway, and you’ll get to watch bikers whiz across the track, competing for first place. Bike racing has never been a part of the Steel Horse Rally, so this is really exciting.

Enjoy Scenic Rides

If you have a motorcycle, you need to join in on one of the scenic rides. The group will go to some of the most beautiful places in the Fort Smith area, and you will love experiencing it with other bike enthusiasts. It doesn’t matter what type of bike you have or how experienced you are. If you can get on your bike and ride it safely, you are a good fit for this event.

So Much More

This is just a sneak peak of what the rally has to offer. There will be a bikini contest, live music, and so much more. It doesn’t even matter if you’re a biker. There is so much fun to be had, so you don’t want to miss out.

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