3rd Sunday Art Show

Art Show

If you love art, you’re in luck. You can attend the 3rd Sunday Art Show at Michael’s Mansion every month. Admission is free, so stop by between the hours of 1 p.m. and 4 p.m. Browse the artwork, mingle with the artists, and enjoy some refreshments. This is one of the most popular events around, and you don’t want to miss out on the fun.

Pick the Artists’ Brains

Talking to the local artists is one of the best things about going to this art show. Where else can you talk about inspiration with artists? Ask them about their work and find out what inspires them. You can get a lot of insight into the process, and the works of art will become more personal. Then, when you buy a piece, you will feel a connection to it.

Purchase Ready-to-Be-Framed Paintings

The art show specializes in ready-to-be-framed paintings. You can pick up paintings that are signed, varnished, and just missing the frame. Some of the paintings have even been accepted into competitions, so you know they’re good.

Just last month, Jimmy Leach showed one of his competition pieces. It had been accepted to a competition, and people could see it firsthand at the 3rd Sunday Art Show. It was up for sale, and he accepted credit cards, checks, and PayPal for payment.

If you missed that show, don’t worry. Jimmy Leach is a staple of the 3rd Sunday Art Show, so you’ll still have a chance to see his work. His work ranges from traditional to abstract, and it is a true wonder.

Submit Your Own Work

Michael’s Mansion’s art show is all about celebrating local artists. If you work in painting, sculpting, photography, drawing, or mixed media, you can submit your own work to the gallery. Then, it can be a part of the 3rd Sunday Art Show. This is a fun way to get your art out in front of the public. You can meet some people and might even sell a piece or two. That’ll make for a fun and productive Sunday.

Michael’s Mansion isn’t the only place in town to go if you love art. You can also see some works of art at J. Pauley Toyota in Fort Smith, Arizona. Our works of art have sleek bodies that rest on four wheels. They also contain gorgeous interiors and some amazing engines under the hood. Stop by and see these original pieces in person today.