Check Out the Best Desserts in Fort Smith


You have a sweet tooth, but baking isn’t really your thing. You can enjoy freshly baked desserts without putting in the work by checking out one of these eateries. These places serve up the best desserts in Fort Smith, so check them all out. You won’t be disappointed.

Bliss Cupcake Café

Have a blissful experience like no other at Bliss Cupcake Café. The bakers here bake the cupcakes fresh every morning, and no preservatives go into them. That means they are as fresh as can be. The salted caramel cupcake is to die for. You will never find a cupcake that tastes this good. Oh, and the bakers also make cupcakes for dogs. Fido doesn’t have to miss out on the deliciousness when you stop here.

Great American Cookies

So, cookies are more your thing, huh? Well then, you need to head over to Great American Cookies. This place is, in a word, great. The staff always has samples, so you can try out the various cookies to find some you like. Don’t want to go through samples? Then just order the snickerdoodle. These cookies are soft, flavorful, and perfect. Don’t forget to order a cookie cake for your next event as well. The staff can make a cookie cake in a couple of hours, so it’s a great spot for last-minute desserts.

Krazy Creations

Some bakeries work so hard on making cakes look perfect, and they sacrifice the taste in the process. Krazy Creations is that rare bakery that offers both. The cakes are absolutely gorgeous, and they are delicious as well. If you want to order a cake in Fort Smith, this is the place to go.

Let’s Eat

Head to Alma, Arkansas, to grab some dessert at Let’s Eat. The pies are made fresh daily, and they’re just like the ones grandma used to make. Well, at least they are if your grandma was one of the best bakers in Arkansas. There are a dozen or so dessert options, and you can get free pie on Fridays. Schedule a pit stop next Friday so you can try this place out. One tip though: people come from far and wide to get a slice of the pie, so the restaurant does run out from time to time. Get there early so you can get a slice.

Wow, you have some tasty desserts to go out and taste. You need some reliable wheels so you can go all around Fort Smith and sample these tasty treats. Head to J. Pauley Toyota in Fort Smith, Arkansas, before you begin your dessert tasting and let us help you pick out a new ride. Then, you will be ready to go on a dessert tour of Arkansas.