Keyboards at Christmas 2017


Enjoy a Christmas celebration like no other by attending Keyboards at Christmas 2017 at Oak Cliff Baptist Church. The event will take place on Dec. 8, 9, and 10, and admission is free. You will get to listen to music from four grand pianos and a choir. The pianists and choir will take on traditional Christmas music, giving it their own delightful spin.

Are you excited about Keyboards at Christmas 2017? Let your excitement build even more by getting some fun facts about Christmas music.

The Legacy of “White Christmas”

Irving Berlin is one of the kings of Christmas. He wrote “White Christmas,” which is one of the most popular Christmas songs of all time. He wasn’t too happy when the King of Rock and Roll decided to cover it. In fact, he hated Elvis’ take on the classic so much that he tried to keep it from getting airplay. Of course, you’ve heard Elvis’ take on the song over and over again, so Berlin wasn’t successful.

That is just part of the legacy of “White Christmas.” The US Military used the song as a covert signal during the Vietnam War. When the song played over Armed Forces Radio, the soldiers knew they needed to leave Saigon.

“Jingle Bells” in Space

“Jingle Bells” isn’t just popular on earth. It has the distinction of being the first song performed in outer space. It was ten days before Christmas back in 1965 when a couple of astronauts pretended like they saw Santa Claus. They proceeded to perform “Jingle Bells,” transmitting the song to the ground controllers.

It might have been an odd choice when you consider that “Jingle Bells” was originally written as a Thanksgiving song. It wasn’t well received and was eventually rebranded into a Christmas song. It still took quite some time for it to take off. It really did take off though – all the way to space.

Santa Makes an Appearance

Santa hasn’t always been a part of Christmas music. In fact, he didn’t make his appearance until 1864 in the song “Up on the Housetop.” Of course, that started the trend. Now, countless songs mention Santa and his reindeer.

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