Mountain Sprout LIVE at Hero’s

Mountain Sprout

Are you ready for some music? If so, check out Mountain Sprout at Hero’s. The band is coming back to Hero’s once again. This time, it’ll take the stage on Nov. 22 at 9 p.m. Grab some buddies and head to the live music venue for a fun evening.

Hold up a second. You don’t know who Mountain Sprout is? Take a minute to get the scoop on this band.

They’re Hometown Boys… for the Most Part

Mountain Sprout isn’t some band from Seattle or California. No, these are local boys. They come from Eureka Springs, Arkansas, with one exception. Fiddle player Michael Schembre used to live in Columbia. When you hear him tear up the fiddle, you’ll know he has Arkansas in his blood though. That’s true even though Mountain Sprout didn’t start as a passion project for him. Mountain Sprout made the best offer, so he left other options behind and joined the band. He quickly formed a bond with his new bandmates, and the rest is history.

They’re Redneck Hillbillies

The band has embraced the “Redneck Hillbilly” label, meaning they are a bit rough around the edges but in a good way. That label really comes through in their music. They add a dash of hillbilly chaos to Ozark country music. It’s the type of music that makes you want to move. Maybe that’s why people never seem to sit down during a Mountain Sprout concert. People can’t help but get on their feet and dance along with the wild redneck hillbillies that are up on stage.

They’re More than a Bluegrass Band

The redneck hillbilly label has caused people to think Mountain Sprout is just a bluegrass band. They are a bluegrass band, but they’re so much more. If you play their tunes, you’ll hear a wide variety of influences. Listen for yourself. Their albums are up on Spotify, so you can get a listen before the concert. See how many influences you can pick out as you listen to the music. Sure, you’ll hear the bluegrass, but check for the other influences as well.

Mountain Sprout is going to blow your mind. You will have an evening to remember. You can also create some memories with a new ride from J. Pauley Toyota in Fort Smith, Arizona. Your new Toyota will be ready for any adventure you throw its way. You can travel around the country to enjoy other bands or take a road trip with some buddies. The choice will be yours once you get your new wheels.